Mats is a freelance photographer with experience in outdoor, lifestyle, adventure and surfing photography.

As an avid outdoorsman, Mats always brings his camera on new adventures. In 2019, collaborating across disciplines on an expedition funded by National Geographic, Mats was part of a team of scientists, technologists and storytellers who successfully surveyed a previously uncharted river system and found new karst caves in the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan. He currently lives in Oslo, Norway.

He has worked with

National Geographic,  Lapoint, Creuna, Visit Nordfjord, C-Skins, Magicseaweed, Dryrobe, Freeride, Revolwe, University of Stavanger, Element, Altamont, Open Skies Magazine, Outside Magazine, CARVE Magazine, The Irish Times, Nordic Surfers Magazine, Stand Up Journal, DOSKI Mag, UTE, Brant, Cykeltidningen Kadens, Playboard, Transition Magazine, 2020 BMX Magazine, DANK Magazine, Surfnorge, Hangup Mag, ACID Surf Magazine, VISTA, Triboskate, Chicama Surf Resort, Backwash Magazine